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However, some fail to see what Final Fantasy Symphonic Suite really is. The music on here came from a live concert recorded in May ofand a limited release was made of it. However, the only version you'll find now is the reprint the cover above is from the reprint Until the day I actually received this CD in my hands, I was positive that it would be impossible for me to find an authentic printing of this CD anywhere.

However, I saw a site that listed it to buy and I bought it.

Dragon Quest I Symphonic Suite

I waited 5 months to get it, but it's mine. And guess what These days, however, the CD has become more common to find. The music itself is brilliant. The arrangements are stunning, and if you've played both games you are literally whisked back into older gaming days Days when you were much younger.

This CD is the kind of CD one would want to dedicate to their mother. In fact, one did. Hironobu Sakaguchi, creator of the Final Fantasy series, dedicates this CD to his mother inside the liner notes. So listen to the samples, realize it's amazing, and buy it! Reviewed by: Patrick Gann. Symphonic Suite Final Fantasy.After London, the LSO went to Japan for three further performances - the first time a non-Japanese orchestra has ever performed a game concert in the country.

The London Symphony Orchestra amazed me the third time in a row and I hope their relationship with Merregnon Studios never ends. Jonne Valtonen is a highly talented arranger who helped me complete this version. I think we are able to reach a perfected version of the music. Hamauzu decided to create an easily understood drama with the most popular songs from the game. I listened to the music for a few minutes and then I went to the piano to play around with the melody.

I realized that this Prokofiev-esque theme was just perfect for piano and orchestra — and this was, of course, the theme of the young mage Vivi.

While the concerto is in one, single movement, the elements of a traditional four movement concerto are all featured. The final part represents the battle refrains and the signature tune of the nefarious sorcerer Kuja.

Nobuo Uematsu has been composing music for video games since the mid-eighties. Masashi Hamauzu is a well-known composer and arranger for the video game industry, with almost 20 years of experience behind him. Mono no aware, a Japanese term for the awareness of impermanence and also the title of this arrangement, reflects these dimensions of the game. Key to this arrangement are songs that share the same melody, but are presented in very different ways, such as Tell Me with Ami and Eyes on Me with Waltz for the Moon.

A perfect example of how repetition strengthens the memory. It is the same as in the game itself. It is the point from which the music jumps forward to other locations and battles. It generates the wind for what is to follow. The theme of the young girl Reina is presented with the raising wind behind it as she joins the protagonist Bartz and the other heroes.

Together they must travel the world to face X-Death, the villain, for the final confrontation. Seemingly defeated at first, the fight with X-Death recommences as the music of Spreading Grand Wings starts to generate momentum. The arrangement canters through the battle themes before finally reaching the decisive conflict that seals the fate of X-Death.

Licensed by Square Enix. Sehr geehrte Besucherin, sehr geehrter Besucher. Diese Webseite verwendet JavaScript, welches Sie abgeschaltet haben.Though Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy had both received symphonic treatment earlier, neither took a lot of chances in transmitting the material from the game to the concert hall.

With the help of Kaoru Wada, Yuzo Koshiro, composer of the original ActRaiser soundtrack, offers a much more adventurous and colourful orchestration than the preceding suites and improves on the already strong ActRaiser soundtrack. The opening medley is a very suitable start.

In addition to the brass, Koshiro writes a great deal of figuration in the strings and trills in the winds allowing the piece to bustle with the power and majesty it was meant to have.

With the much more lyrical sky palace, Koshiro commands the woodwinds to center stage. The effect of his harmonies with the timbral effect of the woodwinds creates a very sublime listening throughout the piece. I did not enjoy these themes on the soundtrack, and although the orchestration is extremely effective in bringing the piece to life, I consider this melody a step below the more effective action themes in the game.

The piece also seems to drop off rather suddenly at the conclusion of the movement. Nonetheless, a fine start to the suite. I was at first disappointed by its treatment on the symphonic suite, but have since come to like it quite well. The orchestration does take a little bit of the fire out of the driving original, but the melody is still present and in pristine condition.

In addition, Kaoru Wada makes excellent use of tremolos in the strings to try and bring some of the intensity from the original track into this rendition. While this arrangement does not stand out to me like the original, it is still an accomplished rendition and is good listening. They are all fine crafts, though as twenty to thirty seconds of music cannot realistically be compared to pieces averaging four minutes.

Flute accompaniment, along with flourishes from the harp, adds a sparkling quality to the timbre, and the bubbling string accompaniment characterizes the excitement of a budding civilization coming to life. My only complaint with the movement is its length. At only three minutes and four seconds I feel so much more could have been done to expand the themes into a larger experience. Still, the effect of the movement is sublime as it is, and my favourite piece from the album. The latter moments of the movement have some really fine and full sounding orchestration which helps make this track a winner, but overall this is the track I find myself revisiting least on the album.

Koshiro transits between the three pieces in a way that is not only smooth, but also is dramatically satisfying. All three pieces unite together to create a very satisfying musical arc that few other pieces in the suite possess. The orchestration is again top notch, and brings life to tracks, that while were some of the best sounding in the original game, certainly sound more wonderful here.

The orchestration does nothing especially noteworthy, but suits the mood very well.Would you like to tell us about a lower price? If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? Skip to main content. See All Buying Options. Have one to sell? Sell on Amazon. Image Unavailable Image not available for Color:.

Final Fantasy: Symphonic Suite. See all formats and editions Hide other formats and editions Price. Customers who bought this item also bought these digital items. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Customers who viewed this item also viewed these digital items. Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy. What digital items do customers buy after viewing this item? Tracks are : 1. Scene I 2. Scene Ii 3. Scene Iii 4.

Scene Iv 5. Scene V 6. Scene Vii 7.

final fantasy symphonic suite download

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ActRaiser Symphonic Suite

Work of art. I listen almost daily. Invigorates me with the music, that I can identify the scenes and even visualize the game while I listen. Symphony is the most beautiful instrumental type of music.Final Fantasy Symphonic Suite was first released all the way back in Maymaking it the very first in a long line of arranged albums to be released for the Final Fantasy series. It is fascinating to consider that it is still widely considered to be perhaps the best orchestrated album the series has seen despite this.

Do not be fooled into thinking this is thanks to 'old skool' nostalgia's sake, as while this album does offer a lot of it, its success is primarily thanks to its epic orchestration, refined arranging, and high quality symphonic performance. The track list is built up on scenes, seven in total, which assimilate together to produce a symphonic suite. In addition, it is a little peculiar that one peculiar thing that the series' two classic opening themes, the "Prelude" and "Final Fantasy I Opening Theme" now known as the "Final Fantasy" theme actually appear in the middle of the album while it is the "Final Fantasy II Main Theme" that actually opens the suite.

Still, despite sounding strange in theory, it works very well in practice by getting straight to the heart of the action. The suite's arrangers are Takayuki Hattori and Katsuhisa Hattori, a father and son duo clearly mastered in the art of arranging.

The fundamentals of their arrangements are offering plain good orchestration, using fundamentally Nobuo Uematsu's strong original melodies just like they should do, rather than transforming the originals completely into new and different styles.

Some may criticise the simplicity of such arrangements for their lack of transformative features, but it is important to realize that staying close to originals is the best way to attract fans, rather than alienating them with something unfamiliar.

Even though their orchestration is hardly Wagnerian, it is executed to an extremely high quality with the instrumental choices being wonderful throughout. This orchestration makes their arrangements simply epic in nature, particularly when vocals are added, and its ability to enthral sweeps away any modern successors effortlessly.

Unlike most Final Fantasy arranged albums, rather than being a studio performance, this suite was recorded during a live concert from Japan's highly prominent Tokyo Symphony Orchestra. Indeed, this does bring coughs and cheers from time to time from the audience, as well as the occasional minor mistakes that any live performance has, but these problems are hardly as prominent as they were with the - Music from Final Fantasy.

Besides, the fact it is a live performance adds to the whole aura and uniqueness of this album, making it even more special and marked in game music's history. Beginning slowly with a long suspended note of a tuba as the audience gets time to sit back, our minds are left to anticipate the awe that is about to emerge from the shadows.

As the cymbals momentously crash, the theme proudly explodes into what is my uttermost favourite piece of orchestration of the series.

final fantasy symphonic suite download

The strings impressively sing out the famous main theme and they fill the concert hall with their expressive and beautiful tones. A full choir supports them in their progression and they add a huge amount to the track, expressing so much magnificence with their fine resonant vocals. As the vocals grow to become increasingly more integral parts of the performance, so do the brass section, which leads in several places once they move away from the countermelody they initially provide.

As the textures are subtly thickened, a most evocative chromatic shift marks the recapitulation of the main theme, bringing about an immensely powerful climax to the piece.We offer video and PC game soundtracks for download in a very otherwise difficult to get MP3 form.

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If you now click on random songit will automatically load the next song after the random song has stopped playing! Please note that automatic play of songs is only possible in the Google Chrome browser, as Firefox does not allow this. Session de Dodon ga Don! Machino's Butt! Anthology Vol. Street Fighter 44 songs. Driller Dreamcast 25 songs Mr.Zanarkand II. Inori III. Nibelheim Incident II. The concept genuinely changes what to expect from video game music. Yes, the artistic quality of the concert was worth the prestige of the venue and the superb orchestra we were treated to that evening.

In this regard, the Merregnon Studios concert series remains unrivaled in the world. They've reimagined the music, allowing it to stand on its own two feet, so that you could hear it completely independently of the game, and still get a sense of scale and journey. Even those unfamiliar with planet Gaia and the Lifestream couldn't help but be touched emotionally by the music, such was the perfect, jubilant finale.

Connoissuers of the games felt completely at ease with the demanding and creative reinterpretation of the music. This is what a successful anniversary looks like. The people involved once again proved to possess a high amount of skill and professionalism as well as intimate knowledge and understanding of the source material. With this arrangement I wish to retell that story as I experienced it.

She has grown up as a slave to the Empire and has been raised to become a weapon of mass destruction. She sets out on a journey to recover her own identity, and also to find out the source behind her strange powers. I also take a more in-depth look at Kefka and his psychopathic personality. Once the final battle is over, and the smoke over the battlefield has cleared, Terra has finally come to grips with her past and may live freely.

His inspiration for the material in this concert is more a reflection of that bigger vision and not so much connected to any certain story-arc or a set of characters.

final fantasy symphonic suite download

Nobuo Uematsu has been composing music for video games since the mid-eighties. Masashi Hamauzu is a well-known composer and arranger for the video game industry, with almost 20 years of experience behind him.

Track Listings

Nibelheim Incident The first movement of the symphony is based on the villain of the game, Sephiroth. Jonne Valtonen, the arranger and orchestrator of this symphony, uses the 3-note motif of Sephiroth throughout the first movement as an element of structural integrity.

This distortion is a reflection of the internal chaos Sephiroth is feeling, as he becomes aware of his past. In the end of the movement things slow down. Words Drowned by Fireworks The second movement of the symphony deals with the themes of love, loss and uncertainty. The hero Cloud is undecided in his feelings towards Aerith and Tifa.

The music moves forward representing the themes of Tifa, Cloud and Aerith - the three themes that are always present, each one featured up front as a main theme at certain phase of the movement. The melodies and motifs from the other themes surface to the foreground whenever there is room available from the current main theme.

The great theme of this movement is that of good versus evil, Cloud versus Sephiroth. This final confrontation is reflected by the sounds of the metallic hits that echo the themes themselves.

final fantasy symphonic suite download

The themes of different characters are put into the mix as they engage in the battle. Silence emerges after the intense battle and from that silence the lifestream begins to flow, and to grow. The sound is huge and overwhelming, much like the lifestream itself. Licensed by Square Enix. Symphony in Three Movements. Sehr geehrte Besucherin, sehr geehrter Besucher.