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Revolution Mini-500

Live chat. Your current wishlist is not saved. Please Log in to save it. This is class conversion kit of the B Airwolf helicopter from the popular 80's TV series.

Designed to take your Chaos or Trex torque tube versions and transform it into a scale RC version of the twin-turboshaft civilian helicopter.

This kit includes the scale body with mechanical retracts one servo is required but not included to operate all three retracts. CNC Aluminum landing gear is also included as is a side weapon set, tail fins, "wings", and mounting accessories. When you open the box, the fuselage is completely painted in standard automotive base coat and clear coat for a super gloss finish.

The HUMMINGBIRD Helicopter

A removable canopy and nose section allows easy access to the battery and mechanics, and is factory installed with magnets and locating pins. This fuselage can be installed in as little as hrs and is intended for the intermediate to advanced builder. No modifications needed when using compatible mechanics.

Roban Scale Helicopters are intended for modelers who have advanced level building skills. KIT product formats also require you to install your own helicopter mechanics. Because helicopter mechanics can vary greatly in size and shape, you may be required to modify the fuselage slightly including cutting, drilling, etc. Roban fuselages are all handmade from fiberglass and therefore may have slight variation in tolerances between body panels, doors, or windows.

These variations do not affect flight performance and can be easily adjusted by an experienced builder with proper tools. These precautions are intended for novice builders; an experienced modeler should have no issue achieving perfect results with these premiere scale helicopters kits. Good size, great detail and paint. Instructions, vague to assemble landing gears. Overall good product.

The landing gear hardware is problematic, but can be overcome with the proper components. Overall, a great value. I put this body on a trex Posted By: redback June 16, In fact, kit helicopters are so complicated that many builders never finish them. The company was promising to produce a kit helicopter with simplified and fast construction and increased reliability, all for about the price of a mid-size automobile. To introduce its new single-seat kit helicopter called the MiniRHC was hosting an open house that included a factory tour, flight demonstrations, and the complete assembly of a Mini in two days.

Now, I must admit that while I was intrigued by the concept, I was nonetheless ambivalent about flying the Mini Kit rotorcraft enthusiasts will remember him as the designer of the successful Air Command gyroplane. He is the classic idea man, always trying to make improvements, never completely satisfied. Now, four years later and with more than kits pre-sold, he is ready to start production. With some coaching from Fetters over the radio, I lifted the little helicopter into a hover, and indeed it hovered as promised.

The cyclic control had about the same feel and sensitivity as the R22 but required slightly more stick displacement to make corrections similar to the Schweizer As a demonstration, two to three Revolution employees built this kit, shown here in progress, in two days. One noticeable difference was the throttle and collective control coordination, which required adding more power when raising the collective.

I accelerated through effective translational lift and started climbing away from the airport. In cruise flight, the Mini helicopter was remarkably stable and reached its advertised maximum cruise speed of 83 KTAS with relative ease.

During tight turns, the Mini was predictable and displayed a solid feel characteristic of a production aircraft. In fact, I was becoming quite comfortable with the helicopter, and my earlier feelings of apprehension faded quickly. I performed a couple of closed traffic patterns, and the Mini behaved much like the R Hovering back to the ramp, I noticed that the wind had picked up, and this gave me a good opportunity to test the tail rotor authority in a crosswind.

In both a steady hover and with sideways movement, the tail rotor proved effective. The semi-rigid rotor system two-blade, teetering uses control rods routed up the center of the shaft.

They connect to rocker arms to control the pitch of each blade. I later found out that a more than adequate tail rotor response was a design consideration, no doubt a good idea to keep low-time pilots out of trouble on windy days.

The Mini is not at all heavy for a helicopter, weighing in at pounds empty and having a maximum gross weight of pounds. It can carry up to pounds between pilot and cargo and up to 15 gallons of fuel—not a bad payload for a small helicopter.

Because the helicopter is so light, the pound rotor blades provide plenty of inertia to make it forgiving in autorotation. Anyone proficient at doing autos in an R22 will have no difficulties with the Mini a good feature because the vast majority of Mini customers will be low-time recreational pilots. The Mini has a wide seat that adjusts forward and aft, making for a comfortable fit. Rear stabilizer T-tail was modeled after the MDD helicopter.

The cyclic control was positioned perfectly. However, the collective was a little short and my elbow would sometimes bump the aft cabin wall. The Mini uses the horsepower, liquid-cooled, two-stroke Rotax engine. The engine features dual independent ignition systems, an electric starter, and automatic oil injection.

In cruise, the engine burns 5 gallons per hour of unleaded auto fuel, giving the helicopter three hours of endurance with no reserve.Your 1 Source for RC Models. Live chat. Are you interested in transforming your Sport RC helicopter into a fully-functioning scale model with highly accurate details? If so, our scale RC helicopter conversion kits are the ideal solution. Designed to take the accessibility and capabilities of popular sport RC helicopters and upgrade them to a truly realistic appearance and experience, these kits are popular amongst RC aircraft hobbyists with a passion for accuracy and highly detailed models.

Our scale RC helicopter conversion kits offer an economical way to turn youror size helicopter into a highly-detailed RC scale model. The kits are compatible with most popular sport helicopter mechanics from brands such as Chaos and Trex.

Top 5 Ultralight \u0026 Kit Helicopters Over $100K 2020 - 2021 ✪ Price Guide 2

Many of them are meticulously designed to place components such as the cockpit housing and mechanics in precisely the same locations as on the real-world counterparts of these RC aircraft.

Use the filter menu on the left to narrow your search results or browse our entire lineup of scale conversion kits below. These premium-quality conversion kits come complete with decals and components unique to their design.

All of our other scale RC helicopter conversion kits come complete with similarly detailed and unique components and parts, all purpose-built to deliver the most authentic flying experience and appearance possible.

They come complete with everything you need to produce authentic detailing, right down to the paint job, decals, and fuselage design. If you happen to need a replacement part or component to make your kitted-out RC Sport helicopter a truly authentic scale variant, look no further!

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500 helicopter kit

Help "Close Cart". Community "Close Cart". Terms and Policies "Close Cart". Company Info "Close Cart". Cart Preview. Filter By. Read More. Out of Stock.The Hummingbird is a single engine, single three-bladed main rotor type helicopter, with a tail rotor. The fuselage is made of aluminum and composites.

The Hummingbird is powered by a six cylinder aviation aircraft engine. These parts are manufactured to strict FAA design standards. When you finish building your Hummingbird kit helicopter you know you have a helicopter that was thoroughly engineered. The Hummingbird cabin sits comfortably four large people. The cabin is 55 inches wide, 56 inches high from floor to ceiling, and inches in length. Fly four people comfortably or two people, miles, with lbs. The many prefabricated components of the Hummingbird make the kit an easy project for the first time builder.

The average build time of only hours is one of the lowest in the kit helicopter industry. There is no welding or composite work, only minor fabrication, and all major components are pre-assembled.

The rotor blades for example come to you painted, balanced, and ready for installation. These blades have 7 degrees of twist to enhance performance. The first section consists of building the lower cabin. In this section, you will learn about real aircraft sheet metal fabrication and aircraft assembly. In the next section you will receive the upper cabin assembled.

The landing gear is next, and then the nose. Flight controls, electrical components, instrumentation and fuel systems are next for installation. The tailcone section is supplied assembled by the technicians at Vertical Aviation Technologies to assure uniformity.

The powerplant and gearboxes are assembled for installation when you receive them. The main rotor blades and tail rotor blades will then come to you completely ready to install.

They will have been painted and pre-balanced at our factory. The Hummingbird is a real pleasure to fly. Because of its inherently long tail, forward flight is very stable but very agile. The flight control system incorporates electric trim with force gradient spring pressure.

Stick forces are very light. Another appealing characteristic is the landing gear. It is such a pleasure to be able to taxi a helicopter and not have to hover. This landing gear design is only found in helicopters costing millions of dollars!With a five-bladed main rotor and your choice of a shp Rolls-Royce C20B or shp Rolls-Royce C20R turbine engine, the MD E offers unparalleled versatility for the broadest range of customer-defined missions.

The MD E is designed for operator ease. Dual, crash-resistant elastomeric fuel cells mounted between crash-resistant keel beams and bulkheads below the cabin floor, and three-dimensional truss-type structure with internal roll bar protect pilot and passengers and offers increased occupant safety.

For more than 20 years the MD E has earned its reputation as a hands-down favorite, delivering the highest speed, payload and productivity in its class, with direct operating costs that beat the competition hands down. MD Helicopters has built a reputation for extraordinary design and exceptional performance. Equally important is our dedication to customer support. At MDHI, our long-term success is built upon our passion for superior products, innovative thinking, and operational processes that are sharply focused on the needs of our customers.

The capability and sophistication of the MD E belies its low price and basic equipment level. The large, flat floor provides plenty of room for cargo, and the useful internal load of 1, pounds kg is ideally suited for most utility operations. Delivering high speed, payload and productivity with low direct operating cost, the MD E is equally as impressive for its responsive agility and reliability. Proven reliability of the derated turbine engine, fail-safe design and a worldwide network of factory-authorized service centers assure customer satisfaction.

For inquiries related to our MD E helicopter, please click the Learn More button below to complete the contact form, or call Learn More. MD E Brochure 7.

500 helicopter kit

Safety The MD E is designed for operator ease. Commitment For more than 20 years the MD E has earned its reputation as a hands-down favorite, delivering the highest speed, payload and productivity in its class, with direct operating costs that beat the competition hands down. Support MD Helicopters has built a reputation for extraordinary design and exceptional performance.More attractive and creative design ideas are all in here, it absolutely would be your favorite T-REX XT model ever.

Refresh and refine, T-REX XT adapt with brand new FL rotor head system, utilizes an extremely low CG design which reduces resistance during 3D maneuvers while increasing flight responsiveness and precision. A progressive design adds a gloss silver and red anodizing appearance which continue our quality development based on our class helicopter. The T-REX XT main frame utilizes composite material integration technology on carbon side frame plates, including the addition of battery mounting side rails, and a top motor mount design.

The XT utilizes a new torque drive assembly, highly reduce gear abrasion and increase power output gives more direct and precise flight performance and extraordinary tail performance. Equipped with all the top end electronic devices, T-REX XT is as stable and powerful like the large scale helicopters. It is about to re-define the class helicopters in your mind. New extended mm main blades for T-REX X effectively improve the flying stability and power performance.

Enhance the power for better control allow to enjoy T-REX X flights same like other large size helicopters. New 78 size tail blades are longer in length and offer superior and precise tail holding performance, even during demanding 3D flight.

The brand new low CG FL Flybarless Rotor Head System utilizes the precision grinding of high-carbon steel hollow shaft effectively increase its concentricity. Allow to reduce resistance during 3D maneuvers, increased flight responsiveness and precision.

In addition, the styling appearance harmony with red anodized and stainless color, bring out the high quality just like size 3D helicopter. New Swashplate design with precise bearings features in zero slop delivering a precise and accurate controlled flight. Allow to provide maintaining consistent torque and head speed through continuous 3D maneuvers.

Brand new CNC metal reinforcement plate and brace compare with frame mounting bolt effectively increase the torsional strength of main frame, under extreme 3D maneuver, you can strongly feel its solid reinforcement from its structure. In addition, the styling appearance harmony with red anodized and stainless color bring out the high tactile appeal.

Carbon fiber side frame plates are manufactured using a proprietary composite material integration technology which integrates the battery mounting rails into the frame. This unique use of open spaces within the frame creates a rigid frame and is aesthetically pleasing. An additional 3rd main shaft bearing block increases the strength of the main frame while improving 3D flight.

Brand new ESC controller is built-in with BEC voltage setting, allow for continuous current 10A and more, also support surge current support up to 25A, much powerful and precision. Moreover, it utilize with high quality 32 bit M4 ARM processor and superior governor performance, support the best flight performance for all pilots in every level.

500 helicopter kit

Ultilize of strengthen main gear case features in using larger bearing has a higher load carry capacity which reduces the loss of momentum and improves the fficiency, speed, and smoothness of the main rotor. The new main gear case and all-metal central pulley transmission system is an efficient design to deliver the ultimate performance.

A 19mm wide Tail Boom to improves the torsional strength. Carbon Fiber Tail Control Rod is practical and improves the helicopters tail control. The newly designed dual point supported tail control assembly delivers slop free performance while improving rudder resolution and precision.

The new tail rotor holder design includes thrust bearings which increases durability, as well as significantly improving the accuracy and efficiency of the tail performance when using 78 size Tail Blades.

500 helicopter kit

Focus Shots.World-class used aircraft. Interested in this item? Or write us using the Form below. A high-performance single-seater! Contact us for details. Powered by a powerful Yamaha Genesis hi-torque hp 4-stroke engine. While superficially resembling the Mini, the MH1 is a radically redesigned, re-engineered and upgraded helicopter in virtually every way.

Available ready to fly. The MH-1 can actually accomodate a taller and heavier pilot than even the 2-seaters on the market.

Has composite main rotorblades; instrumentation; a comfortable full-cabin enclosure; doors; shaft-driven tail rotor. Manufactured in the state of Texas. Can be shipped anywhere in the world. Helicopter is fully assembled unpaintedready to fly, includes strobe and landing light and instrumentation minus avionics. To write us, please use the Form below. Send us your comment or question and let us know how to contact you.

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